Square 3 Plus Desk Lamp for Video Conference

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LitONES Sturdy and Flexible Desk Lamp Ideal for Home Office

It's versatile, functional, and stylish all in one. This is a modern take on the old standby drafting light but with a better look and more features to meet the lighting needs of different scenarios

Innovative Edge-lit Led Technology To Customize Your Lighting

Our desk lamps feature a 15W brighter LED panel that provides ample lighting for any workspace. The bigger LED panel ensures that your entire workspace is evenly lit, reducing any shadows or dark areas that can cause eye strain during long video calls. Additionally, the innovative edge-lit LED technology helps to reduce eye strain by providing a soft and diffused light that is easy on the eyes, even during extended use.

Convenient and compact design

Our desk lamps are designed with a friendly and compact design that fits seamlessly into any workspace. The easy-to-use button design ensures that you won't accidentally touch the button while adjusting the light angle, making it simple and convenient to customize your lighting to fit your needs. Additionally, the flexible design of our desk lamps means that they can be adjusted to fit almost any angle, making them a versatile and convenient option for any workspace.

Flexible maneuverability

Our desk lamps feature an adjustable desk lamp and desk clamp that makes it easy to maneuver your desk lighting to fit your workspace. With five pivot points in the swing arm, you can customize your lighting to fit your needs, whether you're working on a specific project or need a little extra light to get through your workday. Additionally, the adjustable desk clamp ensures that your desk lamp stays securely in place, providing you with the ultimate stability and flexibility.

Customizable lighting options

Our desk lamps feature adjustable brightness and color temperature that allow you to customize your lighting to fit your needs. With the ability to control the brightness from 1-100%, you can create the perfect lighting environment for any task. Additionally, the ability to adjust the color temperature from warm to cool allows you to enhance your appearance and achieve the perfect lighting for any video conference call or presentation.

Convenient charging capabilities

Our desk lamps are designed with convenience in mind, featuring built-in charging ports and continuous A/C power. The plug-in cord provides continuous power, ensuring that your desk lamp stays powered on throughout the day. Additionally, the USB-C and USB-A charging ports built into the arm of the light provide convenient power sources for all of your devices, so you can keep your phone, tablet, or other electronic devices fully charged and ready to go at all times. Whether you're working from home or in the office, our desk lamps provide the ultimate in convenience and functionality.

  • Square 3 Plus x 1
  • Power Cords x 1






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